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Univ. of Arizona Health Sciences Center
1501 North Campbell Avenue
Tucson, AZ 85724-5073 
Sponsoring Institution:
[ 030509 ] University of Arizona College of Medicine-Tucson
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(520) 626-7944
(520) 626-5652

Director Information

  • Hillary A Franke, MD, MS
  • Program Director
Director First Appointed:
January 01, 2018

Coordinator Information

  • Ms. Claudia R Smith
  • Program Coordinator
(520) 626-7944

Coordinator Information

  • Ms. Nicole Paredes
  • Program Manager
(520) 626-7944

Accreditation And General Information

Original Accreditation Date:
November 07, 1970
Accreditation Status:
Continued Accreditation
Effective Date:
January 28, 2018
Accredited Length of Training:
3 years

Osteopathic Recognition:
No Information Currently Present
Osteopathic Recognition Effective Date:
No Information Currently Present
Director of Osteopathic-Focused Education:
No Information Currently Present
Last Site Visit Date:
October 18, 2011
Date of Next Site Visit (Approximate):
No Information Currently Present
Self Study Due Date (Approximate):
October 01, 2022
10 Year Site Visit (Approximate):
April 01, 2024


Core Positions:
Combined Positions (.5 per resident):
Total Approved Resident Positions:
Total Filled Resident Positions*:
*Total filled will reflect the previous academic year until the annual update is completed for the current academic year. Totals may vary from year to year due to off cycle residents. Combined residents are not included in this this total and should not be listed in this program. These residents should be entered in the combined program.

Participating Site Information

 #IDSite NameRequired
Rotation Months
Y1 Y2 Y3
,2,1030506Banner – University Medical Center – Tucson Campus Yes 12 12 12

Information Provided By The Program

Diamond Children's Medical Center has recently become the new, state-of-the-art home for our Pediatric Residency Program. With 16 residents per year as well as 15 combined Emergency Medicine/Pediatrics residents, we have made a number of curriculum changes that have strengthened our residents' general, sub-specialty and emergency pediatric education. Elective choice has expanded including a number of exciting international possibilities as well as many excellent resident research opportunities.

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  • Primary Clinical Site